Have you ever thought about what the fixes would look like if you left the screen? On the “Fixie-show” the characters of the favorite series are just the same as you imagine them! And they invite the audience to play! And how to do it, if the Fixies are so small? Very simply – flying over the hall on the plane, Nolik will reduce the audience and DimDimych to get acquainted with every baby and how to have fun.

But then an uninvited guest appears … The Computer Bot threatens to permanently stop the most important clock in the world! How can heroes defeat his assistants: Rust, Dust and Short Closure, save time and make a useful program out of the virus? Only if the kids and their parents help them!

The cognitive plot of the play “Timesavers” is easily remembered by children, and the characters with voices and faces of the cartoon characters will not only take the children to their favorite cartoon, but they will be able to convince even the parents that everything is real.